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The very first day of picnic season is like Opening Day for me. That’s because Rascal House has 5 different Box Lunches and each one is like hitting a game-winning home run. Sure, you can get them throughout the year and eat them wherever you want. I just had one yesterday while standing in line […]

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Dear Son, Thanks for the macaroni art you made me for Father’s Day. Your depiction of an astronaut walking on a moon made of cheese was quite unexpected. But I need to ask you something, and don’t take this the wrong way. Did you fall and hit your head or something? I mean, you treated […]

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Many Americans will spend today, Memorial Day, remembering our fallen soldiers. It could be all the heroes we read about in history books. But all too often it hits closer to home. We are all connected to the heroes, fallen soldiers and people who serve. From novels like The Red Badge of Courage to modern […]

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Dear Son, I love you very much. But a mom can only take so much macaroni art. I have macaroni art in the kitchen, the living room, all three bedrooms, the basement, garage, and on every square inch of my cubicle at work. I was hoping now that you’re 23, and working, you’d spring for […]

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There are some things in this world that awaken our senses and bring us closer to understanding the meaning of life. For some it’s walking barefoot on hot coals, petting piranhas and racing down a roller coaster with a cup of hot coffee in their laps. For those of us who value limbs, but still […]

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Today Is Take Your Child To Work Day

April 25th, 2019 by Rascal M

Today is Take Your Child to Work Day. This is always my favorite day of the year. It also marks the 26th time my dad and I will celebrate this unique holiday together. Yes, we get funny looks from everyone. They think because I’m 38 years old I’m stepping on all the other kids’ toes. […]

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When we decided to roll out our Jumbo Pretzel Sticks, we had no idea we were on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough. But that’s exactly what happened a few nights ago for a group of students in Fenn Tower on the campus of Cleveland State University. As you may know, students have a tendency […]

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It’s Catering Season!

April 1st, 2019 by Rascal M

In a couple weeks you’re gonna open up your windows and hear the sounds of wedding bells and Pomp and Circumstance ringing throughout your neighborhood. Lovebirds getting married. People graduating. It’s catering season, the most wonderful time of the year! In April of 1980 our founder Mike Frangos was pulling a pizza out of the […]

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Founders Day

March 18th, 2019 by Rascal M

When Mike Frangos founded Rascal House in 1980, he started a Cleveland icon and grew his business into a great big happy family. A family of passionate, hard-working people who believe in what they do, and do it with smiles on their faces. He was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, but lived most of his life […]

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Let’s Talk March Madness

March 17th, 2019 by Rascal M

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Rascal House and March Madness go together like Ham & Cheese. The NCAA Tournament is here. Some of you will have your brackets busted before you finish reading this story. But there’s more to the Big Dance than winning an office pool. For instance, looking like you […]

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Ask Rascal House: St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

March 13th, 2019 by Rascal M

Dear Rascal House, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Is there really a plate of Rascal House wings at the end of every rainbow? Signed, Fingers Crossed in Fairview Dear Fingers Crossed in Fairview, Absolutely. But you will also find a dramatic assortment of other Irish favorites: Like pizza, subs and garden-fresh salads […]

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It was 1982. I was enrolled at the Maritime Captain Training School in Cleveland, Ohio. We had just started 13 weeks of rigorous training. We ran obstacles. We climbed ropes. Everyone had to make it over a wall. We heard stories about Rascal House, how it lured maritime operators with pizza that was out of […]

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It’s National Pizza Day!!*

February 9th, 2019 by Rascal M

There are over 1,500 national (fill-in-the-blank) days celebrated in the U.S. every year. Unfortunately, they often come and go without a moment’s notice. Not National Pizza Day!! It’s celebrated by us the same way we celebrate every other day of the year. With great fanfare and unbridled enthusiasm!! *Okay maybe we take it up a […]

Pizza Delivery Puts The ‘Super’ in Super Bowl

January 25th, 2019 by Rascal M

We like everything about the Super Bowl. The game. Delivering pizza. Unbiased surveys. Surveys? Oh, yeah. When asked what they like most about the Super Bowl, 9 out of 10 people said pizza delivery. The 10th person had been living under a rock for 39 years and had never heard of pizza delivery. “Seriously?” we […]

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It’s January 15th. Let’s Edit Poems!

January 15th, 2019 by Rascal M

All across the land students are returning to college for Spring Semester. It’s time to crack open some books and deepen your understanding of the world. But it’s cold outside. Certainly not the best elements for higher learning. We thought it would be nice to help you sink your teeth into some poetry. Poetry that […]

Spaghetti Done Right

January 4th, 2019 by Rascal M

Some restaurants claim they transport you to a magical place when you stick a fork in their spaghetti. Where everyone plays stickball in Brooklyn and Louis Prima sings “When You’re Smiling.” Where family comes first and romance is just a breadstick away. Our story begins in Cleveland. In 1980. When Mike and Fouly Frangos revolutionized […]

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