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Happy Gyro (Yee-ro) Day!


You remember the movie Footloose, right? A boy named Ren moves from Chicago to a town called Beaumont. Then he finds out they don’t allow dancing, which makes him say, “jump back!” because what’s he gonna do now? Do you know how many mix-tapes he has sitting in his Volkswagen Beetle? Well, you may not know this, but in the abandoned warehouse scene where he’s dancing his way into our hearts to Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero,” the artist was actually singing I need a yee-ro. But everyone on the set thought she was saying hero because back then nobody knew how to pronounce this amazing Greek sandwich that looks like it should be pronounced Jy-ro but is pronounced yee-ro. And if they had been listening really hard to another singer named Tina Turner who sang “We Don’t Need Another Hero” one year later in a movie called Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, they would’ve known that Bonnie Tyler did indeed want a “yee-ro” on the set of Footloose, not a hero. But the title stuck and the song became a hit. Bonnie Tyler never got a yee-ro, which made her really sad and harken back to her days when “It’s A Heartache” was her biggest song. That’s why we celebrate National Gyro (Yee-ro) Day. Well, that and because it’s a seriously substantial overstuffed pita at Rascal House that has seasoned lamb, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumber-dill sauce. Mmmmmmm! Makes you wanna drive to an abandoned warehouse and dance, doesn’t it? Go ‘head, we won’t tell!

Be someone’s hero on National Gyro Day. Take them to Rascal House for gyros and more. Then share on Twitter or Instagram using #RascalHouse, or post on our Facebook page!Gyro Day@2x 100

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