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Have A Pizza Party In Cleveland!


get 2 school2If there is one thing we believe in, it’s pizza parties. Plain and simple. That is why we are SO EXCITED because today is National Pizza Party day!

Back in February, we daydreamt about our love of pizza parties:

“Do you remember when you were a kid in school and the pizza gods would bless your class with a pizza party? Maybe you donated the most canned foods for a hunger drive or you read the most books, making your classroom the winner of one cheeeeeeesy, delicious pizza party! The whole room would fill up with the aroma of the gooey pizza heaven, and suddenly everything was right.

Then you grew up, got a job and now pizza parties seem like a thing of the past. Horrible, right? Well, Rascal House wants to change that! Imagine this post as a petition to bring back pizza parties! Think about it: what is stopping you from bringing a pizza party to your workplace or even your living room right now???

Take it from the Rascals who have been doing it for (nearly 37) years— pizza parties are easier than you think. Give your favorite Rascal House location a call (find the locations here) or just order online here. It’s fast and easy!

Don’t let another day go by where pizza parties are a thing of the past— get your pizza party ON now!

You’ll thank us with every bite.

Love, Rascal House.”

For everyone who loves pizza parties just as much as we do… NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

Share your Rascal House pizza party pics with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #RascalHouse or Post on our Facebook page!

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