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Will The Real Inventor Of Caesar Salad Please Stand Up?


It’s National Caesar Salad Day. Can you guess which one of these stories about Caesar Salad is true?

  1. Ave, I’m Julius Caesar. I was a military general who was responsible for the collapse of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. One day I whipped out a head of romaine lettuce and asked my men if they wanted to play pickle-in-the-middle. They said, “No, we’re hungry.” I said, “Waah, you’re a bunch of babies!” Then I realized I was hungry, too! I ran to the pantry and found some tomatoes, croutons and something that may have been cheese but I’m not sure. I cut the romaine lettuce into little pieces and, ta-da, the Caesar Salad was born! For years, my friends tried to duplicate my culinary feat, hoping they would invent a salad of their own and get it named after them. I told them to be patient. One day they will find something they’re good at and become famous. Rome, after all, was not built in a day.  
  2. Ciao, I am Caesar Cardini. I was a chef born in Italy who arrived in the U.S. after WWI. I settled in San Diego but also operated a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico during Prohibition. On July 4th, 1924 I was running out of supplies when a rush of hungry people poured into my restaurant. I did what any chef who can think fast on his feet would do. I concocted a salad and dressing out of the ingredients I had lying around. The rest was, how you say, history?
  3. Hi, we’re the fine folks at Rascal House. It doesn’t matter who invented Caesar Salad. What matters is how it tastes. And we think ours tastes like heaven in a bowl. But until someone finds a way to pass a bowl of our Caesar Salad from inside electronic devices and into your hands, you have to take our words for it: Crisp romaine lettuce. Creamy Caesar dressing. Crunchy croutons. Ripe grape tomatoes. Shredded parmesan cheese. Made fresh throughout the day in super clean kitchens, etc. etc.

Is the correct answer 1?


Both 2 and 3?

None of the Above?

All of the Above?

If you answered Both 2 and 3, you are correctamundo and way cooler than Fonzie. You are able to accept the fact that Caesar Cardini may have invented Caesar Salad, but Rascal House made it something ta-da for. Get it, ta-da for?

Celebrate National Caesar Salad Day with a Caesar Salad from Rascal House. Then talk about it on Twitter or Instagram using #RascalHouse, or post on our Facebook page!  

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