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Cyber Monday Is December 2nd


Cyber Monday, Black Friday’s high-tech cousin, takes place on December 2nd this year. This is a great way to cash in on sales without having to leave your device. Because, as we all know, standing in line outside a store all night for a big screen TV is so yesterday.

Alright, let’s see what everyone wants this year. Junior wants the new iPhone. What version are we up to, 97…98? Sally wants anything Nintendo. Lisa is on an Amazon kick. She says anything is good as long as it’s a gift card she can redeem at Amazon. Colleen has her heart set on Shawn Mendes, but she’ll settle for a poster, lunch box or any other piece of merchandise that says I’m Shawn Mendes.

You know something? All this talking is making me hungry. I wonder what Rascal M (aka Yours Truly) has on his list. I think I owe it to Rascal M, and the millions of people who trust what Rascal M has to say, to order something online from Rascal House. I don’t have to leave my device to go downtown or to any of the 4 other Rascal House restaurants in the Cleveland area, even though that’s always a dream come true for me. In keeping with the sanctity of Cyber Monday, I will do things the new-fashioned way. I will order some food online and complete my shopping while I wait for it to be delivered. Suddenly, a car pulls up and someone knocks on my door.

Who is it?

You know darn well who it is, Racal M. I believe you ordered a Rascal House Deluxe, Sweet Chili Buffalo Wings and a Coke not too long ago?

How in the world?

Don’t act so surprised. I bet you’re gonna say you didn’t even have time to open a new window so you could finish Cyber shopping, right?

Don’t tell my wife, please!

Finish your Cyber Day shopping first. Then order Rascal House online. Then share on Twitter or Instagram using #RascalHouse, or post on our Facebook page!Cyber Monday

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