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It’s National Hamburger Month. Let’s Dance!


Rascal Burger ok to want meRemember the thrill of cookouts when you were a kid? Everything stopped when Dad fired up the grill. The smell of meat browning, how it awakened your senses. It hooked your nose and transported you in a cartoon-like trance to the backyard. Just seconds before, you were playing catch. But the lure of the hamburger made you forget all that kid stuff. You inched close to Dad, empty bun in hand, waiting for your hamburger to finish. It was a rite of passage.

No food in American culture blends great taste and nostalgia like the hamburger. For backyard specialists, it is the most delicious show on earth. People gathering around a fire, trying to catch a glimpse of what’s under the hood. Friends letting you know they want theirs rare, medium or well-done. At some point in time, somebody probably turned to someone and said, “Let’s make this National Hamburger Month!” Then someone else said, “Let’s make every month National Hamburger Month!” In the end they settled on May.

At Rascal House, you can have a burger any way you want it, every day of the year. You can have a plain Rascal Burger. That is, if you don’t mind eating a juicy, sizzling 100% pure beef sirloin patty that fell straight from heaven onto a toasted bun without lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo. You can have a Rascal Burger with Cheese. You can have a Rascal Burger with (are you sitting down?) Bacon. You can even have a Rascal Burger that looks just like the one above, with our golden delicious fries or seasoned criss-cut waffle fries and a Coca-Cola soft drink.    

In other words, eating a Rascal Burger is like having a dance party in your mouth. That uncontrollable smile on your face? That’s your taste buds doing the electric slide. We take full responsibility for any foot tapping or sudden dancing that may occur while eating a Rascal Burger. You just go ahead and enjoy.            

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