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How To Tame A Werewolf With Online Ordering

Werewolf image for October 2017 blog

Werewolf image for October 2017 blog

Halloween is fun. But there are werewolves out there. They howl at the moon. They jump at you when you least expect it. And they are always trying to turn you into one of them. Just like vampires, they can be a pain in the neck. But thanks to online ordering, Rascal House can have werewolves back to themselves in no time at all.

Werewolves like Rascal House pizza. A recent survey involving 1,000 werewolves indicated that Rascal House knows how to tame hearty appetites by getting pizza to you fast and piping hot. Placing your order with any of our stores online at rascalhouse.com is easy. But we realize that even simple tasks like online ordering become increasingly difficult when you’re trying to reason with a werewolf. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Carefully reach into your pocket and take out your phone.
  2. Go to your favorites and choose Rascal House. Show the werewolf your screen. Studies show that Rascal House images have soothing effects on even the strongest appetites.
  3. Don’t bother asking the werewolf what kinds of toppings he wants. Everyone knows werewolves love meat – and lots of it. We recommend the Meat Lovers. It’s loaded with aged pepperoni, Italian sausage, hickory smoked bacon and ham on a bed of provolone cheese. Or maybe your werewolf’s in the mood for an Original Pan Pizza topped with char-grilled chicken, Italian meatballs or anchovies. What are you waiting for? Order that pizza!
  4. Now that Rascal House is on the way, you may get the urge to taunt the werewolf, but don’t taunt the werewolf. Even though they have a funny way of showing it, werewolves have feelings, too.
  5. Share with the werewolf your most memorable Rascal House experiences. He probably has some of his own. He’s probably only acting like a werewolf because it’s been a while since he’s had Rascal House.
  6. After the werewolf has finished eating, let him know how thankful you are that he ate pizza -instead of you – by scratching his ears and calling him Fido.

Make everyone man’s best friend by feeding them Rascal House this Halloween season.

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