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Pizza Crust Is The Window To The Soul


How did there come to be so much controversy surrounding pizza preference? First, there is the Pineapple debate and then there is the crust debate.


One side eats it and claims the other side is wasteful.

One side tosses it and claims that the crust is pointless.

The other side dips it, finding a tasty compromise between the two.

As we learned in our post What Your Pizza Technique Says About You last month the way we do simple things may help us understand ourselves on a much deeper level.

Take a look at what your crust habits say about you:

You Eat The Crust- Your motto: don’t let a good thing go to waste! You’re efficient with your time and your resources. You’re a dependable person in business and in life because you get things done to completion. You’re likely neat and organized.

You Toss The Crust- You don’t like to settle if you’re not completely satisfied with a result or outcome. You believe in quality over quantity and are very thoughtful about each and every choice you make.

You Dip The Crust- You’re a problem solver, clear and simple. You’re great at compromise, and you’re strong suit is making the best of every situation. You likely get along with everyone, and you may find yourself in the middle of many different issues because of your ability to see both sides.

Could pizza crust really be the window to the soul?

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