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It’s Catering Season!


In a couple weeks you’re gonna open up your windows and hear the sounds of wedding bells and Pomp and Circumstance ringing throughout your neighborhood. Lovebirds getting married. People graduating. It’s catering season, the most wonderful time of the year!

In April of 1980 our founder Mike Frangos was pulling a pizza out of the oven when he looked out onto Euclid Avenue and saw a ’73 lime-green Chevy Nova drive by with a Just Married sign. It was dragging a string of cans from its back bumper, like newlyweds did in those days. While most people refer to this as noise pollution, Mike saw it as an opportunity to make his different kind a pizza place truly different. From that day on, he would call spring and summer Catering Season. He got to work immediately on a Rascal House Catering Guide to accommodate parties of all sizes. Everything you could find at Rascal House you would be able to serve at your wedding reception or graduation party. Pizza. Tossed Salad. Pasta. Chicken Tenders. Wings. Breadsticks. Subs. Wraps. Cookies. Brownies. Mike always believed that Rascal House is “best when shared with friends.”

After some of the most amazing wedding and graduation parties on the face of this earth, our customers realized they don’t have to wait around for someone to get married or graduate to throw a party. Found a new job? Throw a party. Watched a really good movie? Throw a party. Bought a poster of angry unicorns circling a school of terrified sharks in a polka dotted sea that you need to share with everyone you know? Throw a party. Wait, did you just say a poster of angry unicorns circling a school of terrified sharks in a polka dotted sea? Oh, never mind! Like our founder always said, “everything is best shared with friends.”

Throw a Rascal House party. Then share your fun on Twitter or Instagram using #RascalHouse, or post on our Facebook page!Catering Blog

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