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Your Best Cleveland Summer!


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As summer rapidly approaches, we’re here to keep weekends boredom free! Here’s a quick guide to 5 awesome places to visit in East Cleveland this summer!


  1. Uptown/University Circle

We’ve posted about Uptown/UC as a must visit neighborhood in Cleveland, but we couldn’t help but mention it again. On the East side of Cleveland, you’ll find Uptown, loaded with world-class museums and tons of entertainment, including The Corner Alley, a classy new bowling alley located on the corner of Euclid and Ford. Uptown is quickly becoming Cleveland’s newest arts and entertainment district, complete with the renown Cleveland Institute of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, both located right on Euclid Avenue. Learn more about Uptown here.


  1. The Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall

Again, we can’t stress enough how fantastic The CLE Orchestra really is! For the fans of exquisite music, seeing the Cleveland Orchestra is an absolute MUST. Nearly 100 years old (officially 100 in 2018) the Cleveland Orchestra is acknowledged as one of the best orchestras in the world, so you know it’s worth seeing them play. Get tickets to visit America’s most beautiful concert hall here.


  1. Downtown Chagrin Falls

If you have the time to go a little further east, visit downtown Chagrin Falls for a sight to see! Stop in the Popcorn Shoppe for an ice cream cone, do some shopping at one of the many unique storefronts and art galleries, and take a few steps to view the falls from above! Its scenic, relaxing, and it makes for a great Instagram picture! Click here for more info on downtown Chagrin Falls.


  1. Waterloo Arts District

Over the past 10 years, the Waterloo Arts District has been built into a thriving artist’s community through a lot of hard work and determination. Be sure to support young and seasoned artists alike by visiting the Waterloo Arts Gallery, open from 4pm to 10pm Tuesday – Saturday! Learn more about the Waterloo Arts District here.


  1. The Cleveland Museum of Art

How could we not mention CMA one more time? Seriously, it’s free, its cultured, its art. Turning 101 this year, the Cleveland Museum of art is known nationally for its excellence. With free admission and an impressive collection of ancient, classical and modern art ranging from Monet and van Gogh to Warhol and Pollock, it would be a mistake to skip visiting this beautiful art museum. To plan your trip, visit the CMA website here.


There’s nothing quite like Cleveland. Happy exploring!

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