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House Deluxe Pizza updateDear Rascal House,

I read your description about the Rascal House Deluxe last month. Then I ordered it. Now I think about the Rascal House Deluxe 24 hours a day. Is there something wrong with me?

Worried in Westlake

Dear Worried in Westlake,

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Some of our best friends think about the Rascal House Deluxe 24 hours a day. It’s aged pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, green peppers, red onion and mild Italian sausage on a bed of 100% pure provolone cheese. What you’re feeling is completely natural in Rascal House world. The human tongue has 2000-8000 taste buds. But it only takes one bite of Rascal House for that number to double. You see, taste buds talk a lot. Just one taste of awesomey goodness and taste buds are on social media telling other taste buds about it. These other taste buds miraculously sprout while you’re thinking about the Rascal House Deluxe. Does your stomach growl a lot? Does your mouth water incessantly? Do you have at least one picture of the Rascal House Deluxe in your wallet? If you answered yes, yes and yes, you’re not alone. Welcome to our family of friends who also spend entire days thinking about the Rascal House Deluxe, plus all of our other pizzas. Not to mention a whole bunch of friends who can’t keep their minds off our super-delicious subs, wraps, wings, burgers, chicken sandwiches and fresh salads.

So, Worried in Westlake (if that’s even your real name) you have nothing to worry about. Think, eat and be merry.


Rascal House

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