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Take Me Out To A Different Kind Of Pizza Place


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Some people will go to great lengths to settle once and for all the age-old question, New York or Chicago? They’re even willing to change the names of their baseball teams for the sake of pizza bragging rights. That’s what’s happening on August 4th when the Brooklyn Cyclones (New York Mets affiliate) become the Brooklyn Slices and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (Chicago Cubs affiliate) become the Deep Dishers. The Cyclones, er, Slices will host the Tri-City Valley Cats while the Deep Dishers welcome the Salem Red Sox. If you’re counting, that’s two pizza-loving teams in two different cities squaring off against separate opponents with one goal in mind: to lay claim to which city makes the best pie. Sounds like a bench-clearing brawl just waiting to happen.

Now for the really sad part. The concession stands that night in Brooklyn and Myrtle Beach will be selling pizza that only the Big Apple or the Windy City might love. So if you want quality, hometown pizza with double-proofed dough and signature sauces made by a different kind of pizza place, you’ll have to turn your cars around and come back to Rascal House. That is, if you want original pan pizza that’s not too thin, not too thick, but made just right. Wow, we didn’t even have to say cheeeeese to get you to smile!

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