Did You Know July Is Anti-Boredom Month?

July 1st, 2017 by Rascal M

We still can’t wrap our heads around this one. How could a month with no school and nice weather make everyone yawn? Because July is known as the dog days of summer. Grass turns brown and people get down. They look around and think there’s nothing to do.

Word on the Internet says you should try backyard camping and host game nights with friends to fight the doldrums. There’s also scrapbooking and skydiving if you’re tired of watching paint dry. Or go outside your comfort zone by trying something new every day this month – that’s 31 new things.

But if trying 31 new things is too much to handle, how ‘bout eating 31 things this month at Rascal House? It’s cool in here and there’s plenty of mouthwatering things to do. Count how many fries you can stack on top of a Rascal Burger and dig in! Eat a Caesar salad, a chicken sandwich and a slice of pepperoni pizza in one sitting. Or dip our wings (Buffalo, BBQ, Sweet Chili) in one of our thick, frosty milk shakes. We’re not entirely sure what that’ll taste like, but we guarantee it’s safer than skydiving!

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