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A Thank You Letter From Us To You


Cleveland Ohio

On Thanksgiving, many businesses close so we can spend time with our families. Maybe we watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. Or eat turkey, potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Maybe we volunteer at a church or a soup kitchen that feeds the hungry. Or travel the globe on cell phones and tablets to reunite with loved ones who are serving overseas.

What we all have in common is the capacity to feel thankful.

At Rascal House, we’re thankful for you. You never cease to amaze us.

Thank you for inviting us to your homes and businesses, and for showing us off to your friends.

Thank you for remembering to stop by when you’re in town. It means a lot to us.

Thank you for letting us do what we love to do.

But above all, thank you for being you. We’re glad you’re part of our family!

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