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Unearth Your Rascal House Menu


If you’re like me your place remains in a state of shock at least through the middle of January from holiday parties. Remember Jake’s living room in Sixteen Candles? I bet some of you haven’t even taken down the tree yet! But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need your Susan Powter workout tape from 1993 to stop the insanity.

Start by picking up all the discarded wrapping paper that line every square inch of your living room floor. Yes, that’s natural wood under there! Natural wood is good.

Next, take all your empty Rascal House pizza boxes to the curb. Don’t bother looking inside to see if there are any pieces left. You know as well as I do that no pieces of Rascal House pizza are ever left behind.

Okay, what’s next? The tree. With the tree you can do one of two things. If it’s a fake one you can slide it into a closet as is and just bring it out again 11 months from now. This is an instant time-saver and leaves you more time to sit around and eat pizza and Rascal Burgers.

If it’s a live one, immediately take it outside so you don’t catch your house and all your Rascal House menus on fire. You need that roof over your head and it’s very important to eat three square meals a day. Which reminds me, isn’t it lunch time? I think your house looks good for now. You can put away your Leif Garrett Christmas albums later. Order us a Rascal House Deluxe pizza and Sweet Chili Sauce Buffalo Wings. I believe that’s one of your Rascal House menus spinning on the turntable in the corner. Yeah, next to the broken lamp.

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