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Is It The Destination Or The Journey?


Cleveland Script SignWe bring you this conversation taking place on a school bus heading to Cleveland…

“Are we almost there, Mrs. Robinson?”

“Halfway there, Billy. Are you excited about seeing Hamilton at Playhouse Square?”

“Uh, sure. I’m really glad you decided to go with Rascal House for lunch!”

“Well, they did have the best menu options and pricing for a group our size.”

“My parents took me there 2 years ago when we came up to watch the Indians in the World Series.”

“That’s nice, Billy.”

“You see, Mrs. Robinson, these are the times that try men’s souls. Eating at Rascal House, because of its quality and variety, makes common sense. Every time you bite into a slice of handcrafted pizza from Rascal House, with that fresh homemade dough, you are exercising your unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of deliciousness. After all, when it comes to satisfying taste buds, it was Patrick Henry who said, ‘give me Rascal House or give me death!’”

“See, you are excited about seeing Hamilton!”

“No, I’m pretty much just thinking about lunch.”

Billy’s not alone. People are coming to Cleveland. For jobs, world-class plays, sports championships, concerts, political conventions, business expos, casinos, you name it. They all want to know, “where can I get great American favorites all in one place?”

Do what Billy’s school did. Call ahead. Let us know when and how many people are traveling with you. We’ll talk pizza, tossed salads, pasta, chicken tenders, wings, breadsticks, overstuffed subs, fresh wraps, cookies and brownies. How about a continental breakfast or pizza / pasta buffet? We’ve got the right menu choices for every group size and budget. We’ll customize a menu so tasty, you’ll be planning another trip to Cleveland before this one gets started!

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