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In December Pizza Parties Are Inevitable


Rascal House metal pole

It’s that time of the year again. When everything becomes a winter wonderland. You use phrases like ‘twas the night before Christmas, ‘tis the season, and I triple dog dare you to stick your tongue on this metal pole.

The west side gets a coating of snow. The east side gets covered in snow. You ride sleds, make snow angels and get into snowball fights. You secretly wish that winter will last forever.

You look at the lights in Public Square under the watchful eyes of Moses Cleaveland and Tom L. Johnson. You ride on a horse-drawn carriage, sipping hot chocolate, clip-clopping through streets of nostalgia.

When watching holiday specials, you root for Frosty, Rudolph and Ralphie against Professor Hinkle, Bumble and Scut Farkus, even though you already know that everything will turn out alright.

You watch Scrooge get scared by the same 3 ghosts every year in the Charles Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol, and wonder if he would’ve been nicer had Rascal House been around back then.

Seeing the words Rascal House put your taste buds into overdrive, didn’t it? You have no choice now but to throw a pizza party. Simply order online, then gather in the kitchen. Your food will soon be there.

Imagine your children nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Garlic Sesame Breadsticks danced in their heads. And your wife in her headband, and you in your Rascal House Rewards cap, had just settled down for a long winter’s nap –

When out in the street there arose such a clatter (sleepless neighbors who are not immune to the tantalizing aroma of our signature pizzas wafting from the Rascal House delivery vehicle that had pulled up with your order).

You sprang from your bed to see what was the matter. Oh, it’s boxes upon boxes of piping hot pizza, so tall you’ll need a ladder! And so, the story goes.

It’s amazing what a little food (and a wild imagination) does for you. We wish you merry pizza parties this December!

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