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Work Or Play – Rascal House Is Good Either Way!


Labor Day Graphic

Every day the whistle blows and off to work you go. Whether you build bridges, houses or cars. Maybe you trade stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Is the tool in your trade a pen, laptop or monkey wrench? No matter what your profession, what you do every day is add your own personal touch to the world around you. Doing what you do is important. That’s why Labor Day is a national holiday!

Maybe you’ll take the day off, maybe you won’t. But, whether you’re at work or play Rascal House is good either way!

Making great tasting, quality food for our neighbors in the communities we serve is our labor of love. We prepare hometown favorites that everyone from the paper boy to the astronaut will rave about. With a variety of menu items like our original pan pizza, plump and meaty buffalo wings, 100% sirloin steak burgers, whole wheat wraps, overstuffed subs – I’m sure you can tell we’re passionate about what we do here at Rascal House every day, but the best part of our job is having the opportunity to serve you!

Have a great Labor Day!

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