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Psst. Happy New Year.


Original Pan PizzaAt this time of year there are three words (Happy New Year) that make us think of one word (FRESH). This makes it virtually impossible to think about anything else but our original pan pizza. Just thinking about it makes us invent new words. Like fresh-tabulous and fresh-licious. Naturally, fresh-tastic things happen when we double-proof our dough (fresh-crafted daily) making it a fluffier and ever-fresh experience for you — our fresh-loving customers. But don’t take our word for it. The other day someone did a happy dance the second we handed him a piping hot box of pepperoni pizza. We said, “what the heck?” He said, “Your pies are hot, steamy and super-delicious!” Which got us thinking that maybe there is even more to our original pan pizza than meets the eye. Could it be the mouthwatering meats? Pepperoni. Sausage. Ham. Char-Grilled Chicken. Beef. Hickory Smoked Bacon. Meatballs. Anchovies. Looks like somebody needs a napkin.

All better? Great, let’s continue. Maybe it’s the crisp, undeniably-good-for-your-tummy veggies. Green Peppers. Red Onions. Banana Peppers. Black Olives. Diced Tomato. Mushrooms. Artichoke Hearts. Jalapeno Peppers. Pineapple (it’s a fruit but who cares?) and Kalamata Olives. That’s right. Crisp, undeniably-good-for-your-tummy veggies rule!

And now for our favorite part! Cheeeeeese. Listen to the way it rolls off the tongue. Cheeeeeese. You try it. Man, you’re fluent! How ‘bout 100% Pure Provolone Cheeeeeese. Or 100% Sharp Cheddar Cheeeeeese. Maybe your cheese of choice is 100% Feta. Whatever tickles your taste buds, we commend you on your cheesiness.      

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, you’re getting very hungry. Happy New Year!

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