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Treat Your Sweet Tooth


For those who celebrate, the Rascals would like to extend a Happy Easter. We hope everyone had a fantastic, relaxing holiday.brownies-tray

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, sales are fair game for everyone! If you have a sweet tooth that is aching for some sugary goodness, this is a friendly reminder that all of the leftover Easter candy is marked down and waiting on store shelves everywhere!

You can thank us after you come back from your Candy Coma…

Not able to make it to the store and need a sweet fix FAST? Rascal House has a delicious variety of treats to chose from. We’re talking Black Forest Cheesecakes, Haystack Brownies, and fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookies! We’ll even deliver it straight to your door. You can order here at RascalHouse.com!

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