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It’s Fall. Pizza On!


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Today is the first day of fall. Soon, the great outdoors will look and smell almost as good as opening up a box of Rascal House pizza. You know what we’re talking about. Maybe it’s a Bellybuster with pepperoni at our place. Squared right. Golden crust. Perfect sauce. A blanket of cheese unbelievably stretchy. And aaahhh, the pepperonis!

It could be delivery. That familiar box with the Rascal House logo. Gently you place it on your kitchen table. You lift the lid. Steam rises like it just came out of the oven. You dig in. Then you remember the Indians are playing. You finish your pizza in front of the TV because nothing goes better with baseball than Rascal House pizza. Two days from now you may not remember the score. But you’ll remember which inning you ran out of napkins.

Then there’s take-out. The anticipation you feel while driving from our place to yours. The urge to run red lights. But you finally make it home. The smile on your wife’s face when you enter the door. The joy in your children’s eyes because what kid doesn’t like pizza? You are everyone’s hero. Tomorrow, the smell of pizza will linger inside your car. You’ll wonder if we make pizza-scented air fresheners to make it last forever. We recommend you just eat more pizza. It’s better that way!  

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