Rascal House

How a different kind of pizza place was born.

Rascal House Founders
Original Rascal House 1980

In 1980, Mike and Fouly Frangos turned their passion for food and service into a high quality fast food restaurant in downtown Cleveland. Mike focused on serving people with a smile and serving them quickly. Fouly focused on making sure the recipes were exceptional and the presentation of the food was extraordinary. With their hard work and attention to detail, it didn’t take long for the restaurant to catch on. Rascal House became a “home away from home” for hungry college kids and an office favorite for downtown Cleveland’s working crowd.

After the first couple years in business, word got out that Rascal House was a unique place to get high quality food, and customers were hungry for it! Even back in the early 80’s, the menu featured pizza, sandwiches, hamburgers, French fries, salads, and more! People loved the variety, but more importantly, they loved being able to get it all at one place.

Rascal House Old Days
Rascal House Old Days
Original Rascal House
Rascal House Delivery
Rascal House Downtown Cleveland
Rascal House Packed House

Mike knew he was onto something, but everything changed when he started up the Rascal House delivery service. People couldn’t get enough, and a different kind of pizza place was truly born.

We’re proud of our history, our reputation, and the fact that we’re still a Cleveland hometown favorite. Rascal House has had the privilege to serve hundreds of thousands of Clevelanders, local travelers, sports teams, students, and countless others. It is our goal to continue to bring the same quality products, service and opportunity to people and cities nationwide.

Our values are what guide the Rascal House brand in every way. These are the values that make a Rascal.


A Rascal is honest with people. A Rascal treats people with respect and lifts up their team. They celebrate their team’s accomplishments and recognizes their own strengths and weaknesses. Rascals don’t allow people who don’t share their values to hurt their team or their customers. A Rascal takes great care of the customers and serves them with respect, speed and appreciation. Rascals understand that if we take care of people, we can accomplish our purpose.


A Rascal’s purpose is to make their community and the people around them better by giving time, helping people in need and creating opportunities for others to succeed. A Rascal strives to better their self so they can always help others. A Rascal lives with purpose.


A Rascal understands what profits are and how they are the fuel that allows us to accomplish our purpose. Rascals protect and create profits in their role on our team.


Rascals enjoy living the values that make them a Rascal. They make time to recharge and have fun with their family, friends and their team.


Our vision is to become a nationally recognized brand respected for our positive impact within our communities, our willingness to serve and our commitment to enrich the lives of guests and team members alike.


Our mission is to provide a memorable experience to every guest by proudly serving delicious, high quality food in a clean, energizing environment with friendly and outstanding service.

If reading about our brand inspires you, we want you on our team!