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We Like Happy Faces And Long Walks On The Beach


Edgewater Cleveland SkylineIt’s hard to believe that just a few months ago our beaches were covered in snow. Now it’s summer. Here are some thoughts to make your summer beach outing a memorable one.

  1. Go with a friend or a group of friends. Pizza, we mean going to the beach, is more fun with friends.
  2. Have a distress signal in case you need to get someone’s attention. Hand gestures are a swimmingly good idea. Pretend you’re holding a slice of pizza with one hand while rubbing your tummy with the other. Plant a big, goofy grin on your face for added measure. This lets your friends know that it’s party time, and nothing defines a beach party like Rascal House. We recommend the 16-cut BellyBuster that serves 5-8.
  3. Eating pizza on a scorching hot beach becomes even more fun when you have something cold to wash it down with. Coca-Cola products are refreshing and bubbly. Like us. That’s why we sell 6-pack cans that are convenient and easy to grab and go, perfect for going to the beach!
  4. Seriously Substantial Overstuffed Subs and Sandwiches make great conversation pieces. “Look at that amazing sunset, honey!” said the girlfriend. “I know what you mean. Those people eating baked meatball subs, topped with hearty marinara sauce and melted provolone cheese from Rascal House, are lucky!” said the boyfriend.
  5. Always wait at least 30 minutes after eating before swimming. Unless you’re eating Rascal House Buffalo Wings with Hot, Mild BBQ, Honey Mustard or Sweet Chili Sauce. People who start eating our Buffalo Wings never stop eating our Buffalo Wings and generally lose interest in all other activities for extended periods of time.

There you go. By remembering to include Rascal House in your beach plans this summer, you are, at the very least, quintupling your chances of having Instagram-worthy fun out there. Watch out for that frisbee!

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