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It’s No Shave November


Pizza Beard Guy

Thinking about growing a beard this month? You may want to, even if you don’t take relatively unknown holidays seriously. It’s No Shave November, a tradition that began a few years ago to raise awareness for men’s health issues. The whole idea is to donate the money you would’ve spent on razor blades to a charity or worthy cause.

Besides giving, which is a noble and personal thing people like to do, No Shave November gives ordinary guys a chance to have something in common with some of the coolest guys in history. Like Abe Lincoln, Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Ernest Hemingway, Gandalf, Santa Claus, Walt Whitman, that guy in the beer commercial who says, “stay thirsty, mis amigos,” and of course Grizzly Adams.

Beards have been around since the beginning of time. Like most things, they’re either in or out, depending on the decade or who you talk to. Did you know the Cincinnati Reds from 1966-1999 banned its players from growing facial hair? It all started because it was the 60s and hair was everywhere. On heads, on faces, and probably in everyone’s soup. The club’s management wanted to project a squeaky- clean image. Good thing Gillette is an official sponsor of Major League Baseball!

Fortunately for freedom of expression, beards are back and don’t appear to be leaving anytime soon. But even if they do, we know there’s at least one thing that will never go out of style. Pizza! Here are a few more reasons to give your razor a rest this month…

  1. By not shaving, you have more time to eat pizza. We think having more time to eat pizza is a good thing.
  2. A beard will keep you warm. Maybe not as warm as our pizza ovens, but you get the idea.
  3. Your beard may give people the impression that you’re a Hollywood actor taking time off between movies. You know who likes pizza? Hollywood actors!

Ever notice how everything always comes down to food with us?

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