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It’s National Burger Day. (Again!)


We know what you’re thinking: Didn’t we just celebrate National Burger Day last month? Actually, that was Hamburger Day. We know…semantics, shemantics! Maybe burgers have it in their contract to get celebrated more than once a year. In fact, we count 3 burger days on the useless holidays calendar we adamantly adhere to: May 28th is National Burger Day, July 28th is Hamburger Day, and August 27th is National Burger Day, again. We sat down with our very own burger, Rascal, to see what’s going on.

“Hey Rascal Burger, what’s going on?”

“Are you referring to us having multiple days on the useless holidays calendar that you adamantly adhere to?”


“That’s just like you! Hey everybody, let’s blame the burger! Friend, we didn’t make people love us. Rascal House made people love us!”

“You have a point. But why do you think people love you so much?”

“Look at me. I’m big, juicy and on a toasted bun. It doesn’t take an award-winning journalist from 60 Minutes to explain how people react when they encounter me. They go crazy, what can I say?”

“Listen, Rascal. I’m not an award-winning journalist from 60 minutes. This is just a friendly conversation between two friends. One whose mouth is watering so much right now he can put out two fires at the same time. Now, are you gonna be straight with me or not?”

“Okay, hold your horses Dan Rather! Some say it’s because Rascal House puts the pickle and lettuce on the bottom.”

“But we still put the onion and tomato on top. Are you saying the pickle and lettuce on the bottom gives people an element of surprise?”

“Bingo, Mike Wallace! But wait, there’s more. They hear me sizzling the second they decide they’re gonna eat a Rascal Burger that day. They can be on a farm in Richfield, or in a canoe on the Cuyahoga, it doesn’t matter. They know I’m fresh like the Prince of Bel-Air. They can practically smell me from where they’re sitting. And you can bet your toasted bun they can already taste me working my magic on every taste bud in their mouth. That’s why so many people do the “Carlton Dance” when they get here.”

“That’s what that is? I thought they were trying to scratch an itch.”


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