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The Photographic Goodness of Being an Original


RH terminal towerBeing original means standing out in a crowd. Like in this picture, taken one morning around 6:30 from the corner of Euclid and East 6th. I was minding my own business when, suddenly, I walked smack dab into one of those glory moments. One where heavenly music plays and everything in the world stops while your eyes feast on a particular object. Remember the first time you saw a slice of Rascal House pizza and all of your senses went into serious overdrive? It was that kind of a glory moment.

I took out my phone and snapped this picture. Then I started thinking about Terminal Tower. Which got me thinking about what it means to be an original. Which got me thinking about that metaphor I threw in about Rascal House. Then I got really hungry. How I was able to concentrate on this blog post still remains a mystery to me.

In this photo the sun shines brightly on Terminal Tower. Do you think the other buildings are jealous? I don’t. I imagine they gather around at night, after everyone goes home, to swap stories about the old days. How Terminal Tower was completed in 1930, at the time the second-largest excavation project in the world after the Panama Canal. How it stood as North America’s tallest building (outside New York City) until 1964 when the Prudential Tower in Boston went up. The many times it made a cameo in movies, The Drew Carey Show and Hot in Cleveland. And even though it turned over its claim as the city’s tallest building to Key Tower in ‘91, one cannot imagine Cleveland’s skyline without it.

As Cleveland’s skyscrapers touch the stars, an increasing number of pizza places dot the city’s streets. But not everyone can claim they’re an original – with more than a dozen traditional and specialty pizzas made fresh daily from original recipes. And not everyone can say they were around in 1980 when Terminal Tower was still the tallest building in Cleveland. We can. After all, we’re a different kind of pizza place. You wanna take a picture of us, don’t you? On three, ready? 1-2-3…CHEEEEEESE!

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