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March Is National Reading Month










It’s National Reading Month – so curl up with a mystery by Dennis Lehane, or the latest novel by Nicholas Sparks. Or maybe you like the classics – Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, or Jack London’s Call of the Wild. But let’s not forget “The Rascal House Menu” by A Different Kind of Pizza Place. First published in 1980, and loaded with appetizing content and mouthwatering pictures, it’s right up there with The Great Gatsby according to Cleveland State University scholars who eat here every day.

A Tale of Two Cities opens with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The Rascal House Menu gets right to the point with two simple words. Scrumptious Munchies. Immediately, you are transported to a different world. If exploding taste buds ever becomes a genre, the Rascal House Menu already corners the market. Buffalo or Crispy Boneless Wings in hot, mild BBQ, honey mustard or Sweet Chili sauce. Garlic Sesame Breadsticks. Waffle Fries. Our menu shows the reader that at Rascal House it is always the best of times.

Loaded with an extraordinary plot and a cast of cheesy, meaty and vegan characters, the Rascal House Menu does not disappoint. Garden fresh salads, fresh market wraps, seriously substantial overstuffed subs and sandwiches. Delectable, ooey gooey desserts. And of course, original pan pizza and more than a dozen specialty pizzas.    

USA Today calls it “A masterpiece…one for the ages!”

The New York Times says, “Why can’t we find menus like this in New York?”

Stephen King says, “There’s nothing scary on this menu.”

Kirkus Reviews writes, “If Mark Twain was still alive, he’d have chucked Life on The Mississippi for Life on The Cuyahoga: My Late-Night Strolls to Rascal House for Out of This World Pizza.”

Time Magazine says, “The estate of Laura Ingalls Wilder should be grateful there was not a Rascal House on the Prairie, otherwise Ms. Ingalls would’ve been way too happy to write Little House on the Prairie.”

If you ask us, the Rascal House Menu edges out The Declaration of Independence (1776) and Thomas Paine’s Common Sense (1775) as America’s most influential document. Its honest depiction of super delicious fast-casual dining, delivery and catering is second to none.

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