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A Thanksgiving Toast (Somewhere in Cleveland)


thanksgiv dayThank you, extended family, for being with us this Thanksgiving. I know many of you traveled great distances to get here. But before we eat I have a special announcement. Do you remember how we toyed with the idea of skipping turkey this year for something different?

You didn’t!

Now hear me out. Let’s not forget the true spirit of Thanksgiving. For starters, being surrounded by the ones you love. And a boatload of HONEY MUSTARD BUFFALO WINGS FROM RASCAL HOUSE sitting in the kitchen!


Yep. Had it delivered yesterday.

This is bigger than Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! I mean, you may as well bring them out since you already went through all the trouble.

Okay, here you go. Save some for me guys. Guys?

Munch, munch, yum, yum (sound of bones hitting plates)

Those were the best Honey Mustard Buffalo Wings we ever had! What’s next, host?

Okay, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s all about sharing. And I still stand 100% behind that belief. But can you promise me something?


Wait until the food hits the table before eating?

Hey, we’re civilized. We’re quite capable of controlling ourselves around food, even Rascal House food.

In that case, behold this PLATTER OF RASCAL HOUSE OVERSTUFFED SUBS I place before you!

Munch, munch, yum, yum (sound of belts unbuckling)

What happened to controlling yourselves?

I guess we just can’t help it around Rascal House food. Are you mad at us?

No, but I’m very hungry!

Here, maybe this heaping bowl of RASCAL HOUSE PASTA WITH MARINARA SAUCE AND MEATBALLS we brought from home will help.

Munch, munch, yum, yum (sound of grown man crying…tears of joy)

This is the best Thanksgiving ever. Thanks, guys!

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