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Fast & Fun
Field Trip Lunches

Eat in, pick up, or delivered on site.

Rascal House field trips cater to kids and groups of all ages! Everyone loves our classic pizza, plus we have a menu variety that will have something for everyone in your group. Rascal House is ready to make your field trip or outing meal quick, easy and affordable.

Eat in, pick up, or let us deliver it to your site.

We’ll make sure your students or group – whatever their size – enjoy a healthy, delicious meal while you relax and enjoy some delicious Rascal House food! We’ve served over a thousand people at once without a hitch, so you can trust that your group is in good hands.

When you choose Rascal House, you’re a part of a long tradition at our locally-owned and operated restaurants: people getting together, having fun, and being a part of the Rascal family.

Not sure where to start with planning your group’s dining experience?

Download Fieldtrip & Group Meal Options
field trips rascal house
field trips rascal house
field trips rascal house
field trips rascal house