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Grab A Rascal Burger and Go to Your Happy Place: It’s National Hamburger Day!


They say hamburgers are supposed to take you to your happy place. Which is kind of redundant because I’m already at Rascal House getting ready to bite into a Rascal Burger. I guess I can pretend I’m at my 2nd-most happy place. But that’s my hometown, Cleveland. And Cleveland is the birthplace of Rascal House, which is where I am right now getting ready to bite into a Rascal Burger. Of course, there’s always my 3rd-favorite happy place. That’s at home in bed dreaming about Rascal Burgers. But why would I want to dream about Racal Burgers when I’m already here holding the real thing? It’s begging me to shut up and take a bite already. I’m begging me to shut up and take a bite already! But it’s hard because I can’t stop talking about Rascal Burgers once I start talking about Rascal Burgers. It’s 100% pure beef. It weighs like a gazillion pounds. And it’s on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo. A burger this big and juicy should be in the Hamburger Hall of Fame. But that would only give me another happy place, and I have too many happy places as it is.

…Which reminds me! Last week I was eating a Rascal Burger. Next thing I know I’m in Pamplona running with the bulls. Just as I’m losing steam and about to get trampled, I take another bite. Suddenly Bruce Springsteen’s running next to me singing “Born to Run” and I’m like, “Hey, aren’t you the Boss?” And he says, “No, you’re eating a Rascal Burger, you’re the Boss! Now get going before you get run over, Boss!” He heads back to New Jersey and I sprint like Carl Lewis toward Cleveland and my beloved Rascal House. But the bulls are bearing down on me as I reach the Atlantic. They’re after my Rascal Burger, which is kind of weird when you stop and think about it. But I don’t stop and think about it. I keep eating my Rascal Burger and run faster and faster. I lose the bulls somewhere between Pittsburgh and Youngstown, and I make it back to my happy place in one piece. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got places to go, people to see…

It’s National Hamburger Day. Eat a Rascal Burger, go to your happy place. Then tell about it on Twitter or Instagram using #RascalHouse, or post on our Facebook page!

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