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Monday Marks The Beginning Of The 2016 Republican National Convention In Cleveland!!!!


The RNC is just days away! Beginning on Monday, we are going to be showing people from all over what Cleveland is all about! For the past few months, us Rascals have been sharing all kinds of guides, tips and fun facts for all the RNC goers who will be visiting Cleveland next week. In case you missed it, here’s a helpful roundup of all the RNC goodness:

1. The 2016 Republican National Convention

Takes Cleveland!


2. 10 Things To See In Cleveland For The 2016

Republican National Convention


3. 5 Must Visit Neighborhoods While In

Cleveland For The 2016 RNC


4. Where Should You Stay For The 2016 RNC In



5. 4 Lesser Known Tourist Attractions In

Cleveland To Visit During RNC Week


6. Visiting Cleveland For The 2016 Republican

National Convention? Here Are 10 Little Known

Facts About The 216!


7. Planning A Trip To Cleveland For The

Republican National Convention? 5 Must Do

Activities On Cleveland’s East Side


8. A Hometown History Lesson: Here’s Why

1936 Was A Big Year For The City Of Cleveland

Learn more about the 2016 Republican National Convention here. Happy reading!

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