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4 Lesser Known Cleveland Tourist Attractions To Visit During RNC Week


Sure, we’ve talked about 10 Things To See In Cleveland For The RNC, but today we want to talk about a handful of lesser known Cleveland tourist attractions that you’ve just got to visit if you’re in town for the Republican National Convention and have a minute to explore.

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 1. The “A Christmas Story” House

When it comes to Cleveland tourist attractions, The “A Christmas Story” House is a must. This is the house that the classic Christmas movie was filmed in back in 1983. The house is located at 3159 W 11th Street in Cleveland and is open all year round. If you grew up watching A Christmas Story and want to feel a little nostalgic, pay a visit to the original house! Plan your visit here.

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 2. Tour Great Lakes Brewing Company in Ohio City

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast (or just love beer in general) you’ll want to take a trip to Ohio City to tour the place where all the magic happens. Known especially for their Christmas Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Co. has a great range of craft beers that will definitely be worth the trip. In our book, this brewery might as well be considered a Cleveland tourist attraction! Book your tour here.

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 3. Nighttown

Do you love Jazz music? Visit NightTown in Cleveland Heights. You’ll get to experience some of the country’s top Jazz performers in a cool and intimate atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. The only downside? When you leave after the show is over, you’ll have to wait until the next night to come back. Find a schedule for performers, showtimes and tickets here.

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 4. Big Fun in Coventry Village

Re-live your childhood when you step into Big Fun toy store in Coventry Village. Honestly, it’s like walking into the toy store Willy Wonka would run if he sold toys instead of candy. It’s that cool, and definitely a must-visit. Learn more about Big Fun here.

So after you’ve had your share of politics for one day and are looking for something to do in Cleveland after the RNC wraps up for the night, grab a quick and tasty dinner from Rascal House and head out to one of these fun and interesting places!

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