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What Your “Pizza Technique” Says About You


You may be wondering, “What is a ‘Pizza Technique’?” This just refers to your pizza eating style AKA how you eat a slice.

According to this article, the way you eat your pizza can say a lot about you as a person. Crazy right?

The author identifies the four main types of pizza eating ways:

The Folder (You fold your pizza in half then promptly devour)

“You’re a “driver.” This designation means that you’re a serious multi-tasker who does not stop to savor the golden crunch of the crust. You are jackhammering this piece of pizza into your maw for maximum efficiency. But don’t worry, you’re also adventurous and willing to take risks!”

Crust Crew (You eat the crust before the pizza)

“These people are “influencers” who like to be dramatic, often talk loudly, and love getting attention through [their] actions.”

Fork & Knife (self explanatory)

“This type of person is a “supporter.” Supporters are loyal, reliable, and resilient, and make great party hosts because of their desire to please others. They are “system-oriented,” so they’re happy to chill and consume bite by bite rather than greedily stuff their faces without a moment’s concern for the needs of other people at the table. Dine with supporters, and you can likely take advantage of their unwillingness to take the last slice in the name of politeness.”

The Bite (you just bite in)

“Those who just bite it—possibly the only normal people out of all of the archetypes mentioned above—are “careful correctors.” No no, they’re not just hungry plebes who are eating pizza the way that it was designed to be eaten. They are perfectionists who “like to go with what [they] know works so [they’re] certain to get it right every time.” The question remains: how can one not “get it right” when eating pizza by biting into it?”

Which type are you?

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