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Pineapple: The Age Old Debate


You see it everywhere: The Pineapple Debate. One minute, someone is talking about how Pineapple is the ultimate pizza topping and the next minute someone will exclaim that the golden fruit shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the cheesy saucy goodness that is pizza.

If you’re impartial or you’ve never even noticed The Pineapple Debate before, well, you’ll probably see it everywhere from now on.

Want to be amused? The next time you’re out with a group of people, go ahead and prompt the conversation of pineapple on pizza— you’re bound to experience a passionate defense of both sides!

Don’t believe us? Simply search “pineapple pizza” and see the thousands of articles dedicated to whether or not pineapple is “right.”

Are you a Pineapple person?

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