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Cleveland Pizza Company Welcomes Students Back For Fall Semester


Over the past 36 years, Rascal House has served thousands and thousands of Cleveland college students delicious food, fueling them through one class after another.cleveland

To students of Cleveland State, Case Western and John Carroll University: you have no need to fret over where you will get your grub on as you return for your Fall 2016 semester. Whether you’re in the mood for mouthwatering pizza (when is anyone NOT in the mood for pizza?), ferociously huge chicken wings, perfectly seasoned penne marinara, even giant Chicken Sandwiches… pizza-banner

You get the point. Rascal House has got you covered no matter what you’re in the mood for! Whether you need a satisfying lunch that will hold you over until dinner, through your next class, or you’re up late partying-errr studying, our doors are open waaaaay past midnight (click here for individual store hours PLUS phone numbers for delivery). No matter if you’re new around here or a returning campus vet, you’re always welcome at Rascal House. Here’s to a safe, educational, and pizza packed semester!

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