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(216) 781-6784
1836 Euclid Ave Cleveland, OH 44115 Mo-Thu: 9:30A - 2:30A Fri-Sa: 9:30A - 2:30A* Su: 9:30A - 2:30A

*Dining room closes at 2:00A
(216) 692-2525
21050 Euclid Ave Euclid, OH 44117 Su-We: 10:30A - 12:30A Thu-Sat: 10:30A - 1:30A
(216) 791-4444
11316 Euclid Ave Cleveland, OH 44106 Mo-Sa: 8:00A - 2:30A Su: 10:00A - 1:00A
(216) 397-3333
2255 Warrensville Ctr Rd University Heights, OH 44118 Su-Thu: 10:30A - 12:30A Fri-Sat: 10:30A - 12:30A
(216) 332-9700
5220 Northfield Rd Maple Heights, OH 44137 Mo-Wed: 9:00A - 12:30A Thu-Sat: 9:00A - 1:30A Su: 9:00A - 12:30A
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rascal rewards(eat great & rewarded? somebody pinch me.)



As a Rewards member you earn points for everything you purchase. On average, the points for one meal would get you half way to free goodies like a slice of Pizza, a Soda, or a Jumbo cookie. All you need is a name and a phone number. No cards to carry around, no key tags. It’s super easy. Not a member? What are you waiting for? Join today and get rewarded for eating good food. 🙂

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  • It’s FREE & super easy to sign up
  • Fill out the simple sign-up form with your name and phone number
  • Begin earning a variety of delicious free food and tasty prizes instantly
  • Earn 3 points for every dollar to put towards great food and prizes.


  • Free scrumptious Rascal House food
  • Free prizes like apparel, gift cards, and electronics
  • Rewards Member Appreciation Days
  • Reward Member Only Giveaways
  • Double Point Days
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Call your nearest location & start earning today!

FAQ’s + Legal Mumbo Jumbo

about rascal house (how to make a different kind of pizza place.)

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Founders Mike & Fouly Frangos open original store in downtown Cleveland,OH opposite Cleveland State University. Also, hair spray and spandex manufacturers begin to see rise in sales.

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Students of Cleveland State name Rascal House “Best Off-Campus Eatery.”
Eating in downtown becomes cool again.

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Largest city newspaper, Cleveland Plain Dealer, names Rascal House Pizza “Cleveland’s Best Pizza.”
Whitney Houston’s song “Greatest Love of all” becomes a hit. Coincidence?

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Rascal House’s knack for presentation and value
fuels the explosion of casual catering into office and business settings. Lunch breaks are fun again.

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Crew members open stores of their
own. The American dream is alive and
the world rejoices in the cheesy glory.

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Rascal House expands menu offerings with a variety unseen in the pizza industry. Great Burgers, crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Cheesecakes at a pizza place? Yup…we do that!

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New Flagship store opens in downtown Cleveland.
This store will serve as the model of the brand
for the years to come. Look out world…here we come.

Four new Rascal House locations open.
The world rejoices in the cheesy glory.
(again & again & again & again)

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and counting


Whether you have a passion serving food that people love or you’re interested in one of the best pizza franchises available, let Rascal House open a ton of opportunities for you and make some dough while you're at it!