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A Complete Pizza Dictionary For All Cleveland Pizza Connoisseurs


How lucky we are to live in a world where there are so many different ways a pizza can be made. So incredibly lucky. But so many different pizza terms can get confusing. That’s why us folks at Rascal House have compiled your Complete Pizza Dictionary, so you can navigate the Cleveland pizza scene like the true pizza connoisseur you are.

Cheese: The cheese is where its at for many pizza lovers. We couldn’t agree more. There are a wide variety of cheeses to chose from when it comes down to it, like cheddar, feta and provolone. At Rascal House, we only use fresh and pure provolone for that extra depth of flavor we know you love.

Chicago Style: Same as “Deep Dish.”

Crust: The crust is the built in handle that makes pizza easy to get from your plate to your mouth. Some places flavor the crust, others make it super thin, and Rascal house makes it beautiful. First we hand crimp the dough into a beautiful pattern, then we bake it ’til it’s golden brown and perfectly crispy. And now our mouths are watering.

Deep Dish: Deep Dish pizza was founded in the ole Windy City, Chicago, IL. Deep Dish pizza features a tall (or deep) crust that gives lots of room for lots of toppings. These pizzas are often filled “upside down” so they don’t burn during the long bake time. Fork and Knife required.

Detroit Style: Detroit Style pizza is like a Chicago Style pizza, except it is in the shape of a rectangle. The sauce is served on top of the cheese.

Dough: Some places season their dough, some keep it simple, and others use lard. YUCK! Make sure your pizza is made with quality ingredients like Rascal House uses: imported olive oil, artisan flour, and it’s made FRESH every single day!

Fire Baked: Fire baked pizza is just as it sounds… Pizza baked with FIRE! Cool huh? Us Rascal folks think so too, that’s why fire is our pizza baking method of choice. It results in a crispy and flavorful crust that only fire can create.

New York Style: New York-style pizza is minimal pizza. These pizzas involve thin crust and sparse toppings– usually two at the most with very little cheese or sauce. The slices are typically HUGE (like Rascal’s!) and they’re also intentionally super narrow and meant to be folded while eating.

Rascal Style: Delectable and like no other… The dough is soft and thick while the crust is crispy and golden brown. Toppings are loaded on and the pizzas are baked to perfection in our fire-bake ovens. Not to sound conceded.. but we think it’s the best…

Sauce: There are a ton of different sauce options in the pizza world… At Rascal House, we even use Ranch sauce on one of our pizzas! That’s right, America’s favorite dressing on America’s favorite food… Oh yes!!!

Stone Baked Pizza: Pizza baked on a stone results in a crispy crust, similar to pizza baked in a brick oven.

Stuffed Crust: This is culinary magic where not only is there cheese ON the pizza, but there is also cheese IN the pizza crust!

Toppings: If the dough is the pattern and the sauce and the cheese are the fabrics, then the toppings are the tailors that customize a pizza to your liking. There are so many options to top a pizza out there, you’ll never get bored!

And there you have it, your personal pizza dictionary, provided by Rascal House.

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