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What’s Your Favorite Pizza Topping?


When you’ve been in the pizza business as long as we have (next month will mark our 36th year serving pizza to Downtown Cleveland!), you definitely see some stuff… One of the craziest toppings we’ve seen for pizzas lately: mini pizzas. If you don’t believe us, look it up. But even with all the weird options available out in the world of pizza, the classics still reign supreme. Pizza polls suggest that the most ordered pizza is actually cheese! 37% of pizzas ordered in the US were cheese pizzas, while pepperoni was right on its heels at 36%.

Moral of the story: Even with the variety of toppings out there, pizzas are nothing without cheese.

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Let us know with the hashtag #RascalHouse on Twitter or Instagram, or post on our Facebook page!

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