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What Does Your Rascal House Pizza Say About You?

At Rascal House, we give both our pizza and our customers a lot of thought, and we are always striving to get to know our customers better. We know that a person’s actions can reveal a lot about them, so we started thinking about the personality behind the pizza order. Here’s what your pizza order says about you:



You love the classics. You’ve seen all the movies and know all the references, just like you know all the pizza toppings. Your ability to pick a favorite among a sea of choices is what people admire about you, and you’re usually the leader of the group.



You’re an extremely likable person, and you get along with almost anyone, leaving you with a special place in everyone’s heart.



You get along with so many people because you can relate to everyone. All those toppings = all the different layers of your personality (and your pizza).

Meat Lovers


You know what you’re passionate about, and you’re not afraid to show it. You are fearless and loyal to all your loved ones.

Veggie Pizza


You know what you like and you do not make compromises! You almost always get what you want because of your persistence and strong willed nature.

Hawaiian Luau


You’re a fun, laid-back kinda pal. you’re easy going and fun personality makes you a person everyone wants to hang around!

White Pizza


You’re a bit of a rebel. You like to stray from the ordinary and like to do your own thing most of the time. You’re not afraid to be your own person.

Chicken Bacon Ranch


Your over-the-top personality is what everyone loves about you! You love going above and beyond when it comes to gift giving, wardrobe choices and, of course, your pizza!

Which pizza do you usually order? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #RascalHouse and on our Facebook page!

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