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There Is A Mathematical Way To Figure Out How Many Pizzas To Order For A Group


One of the many joys of summer revolves around a late night of friends, movies, and a few pizzas, but ordering pizza for a group can be daunting. What if you don’t order enough? Or you order too much? While there’s nothing wrong with leftover pizza, ordering ten pizzas too many isn’t exactly ideal.

Fear not, however, because this article from Gawker presents an actual mathematical equation to figure out how many pizzas you should order for your pizza party!

pizza equation

“Typically, pizzas are cut into eight slices, making each slice one-eighth of a pizza. If a hungry person can eat three slices of pizza, and each pizza has eight slices, how many pies should you order for your group? The answer is

X * ⅜ = P

where X is the number of guests, and P is the number of pies you should order.If you are seeing this after you ordered, you can also move the variables around and solve for X to figure out how many people are going to go hungry because you used your brain instead of the Pizza Equation.”

Didn’t pay close attention in math class? That’s okay too, because our Rascals are pizza experts, and they can figure out the right amount of pizzas for your group. Just tell them how many people you’re expecting, and they’ll take care of the rest! Happy pizza partying!

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