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Summer TBT: The First Roller Coaster In America Opens To Public


In the midst of the summer, many of us are dreaming of a carefree day spent roaming an amusement park for new thrills and adventures. Just this year, Cedar Point, the amusement park infamous for it’s expansive roller coaster collection released their 18th coaster, The Valravn.

Today’s roller coasters incorporate innovative technology that allows them to reach speeds over 100 miles per hour but, believe it or not, America’s first roller coaster opened up 132 years ago today in 1884 at Coney Island and only reached a mere 6 miles per hour! How’s that for a thrill?


To top it off the historic coaster only cost 5 cents a ride! Though it probably wouldn’t have been a major thrill for people accustomed to today’s roller coasters, it makes for a pretty neat look back into history!

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