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How To Be The Hostess With The Most-ess This 4th of July, While Letting US Do Most Of The Work!


Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned 4th of July get together? Sparklers, fireworks, and good friends gathered around the backyard along with the relaxing vibes of summer is always a great time. The work that comes with throwing a summer cookout for Independence Day? Now that’s a different story. Fourth of July parties aren’t always as easy as they look, not to mention that after a couple weeks, most people are sick of the same old hotdogs and potato salad! Luckily for you, Rascal House is here to help! This is your guide to being the hostess with the most-ess, while letting us do most of the work this 4th of July!

Here’s the plan:

You won’t be slaving over a hot grill this 4th of July, we’ll bring the main course!!! Order some of our handcrafted pizzas, mouthwatering wings and pasta, and one of our classic salad bowls– Something for everyone… We even have tasty wraps and sub platters that will both wow your guests, and cause them to give out a sigh of relief when they realize they won’t have to stomach another spread of bland hotdogs paired with Aunt Martha’s “famous” macaroni salad. And don’t forget the cookie and brownie tray, because what’s tastier or more American than some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?

You add in the summer party staples: Cut a watermelon into wedges, make a couple pitchers of lemonade, and get festive with some red, white and blue party streamers! Maybe even pick up some of those little paper umbrellas to put in people’s glasses.

Don’t worry about plates or napkins, we will deliver those with your food, right to your own backyard! We’d be happy to bring along all of your favorite refreshments to complete your 4th of July bash too, just say the word!

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Invite all of your favorite people to share great food and great memories this Independence Day. Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!!!

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