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Pumpkin Blues? Not This Year!


The Pumpkin Problem

With just 8 days left of September, today is officially the first day of Fall! That means that the Pumpkin EVERYTHING trend has been in full swing for about a month now… The Pumpkin Problem is nothing new, in fact, it happens every year. We all get excited for the change of weather and welcome Pumpkin, the delightful seasonal flavor into our lives. Approximately 5 pumpkin spice lattes, 2 pumpkin spice scones, 6 hours burning your pumpkin scented candle, and half a pumpkin pie later, you’ve had it.  If you’re already shaking your head and running from anything orange, fear not!

Kick the Pumpkin Blues goodbye and go on a pumpkin hiatus until Thanksgiving (that should be enough time for a hearty slice of pumpkin pie to be wanted and welcomed!)

Every time a sales person tries to infuse another dose of pumpkin in your life… Order a pizza from Rascal House.

anti pumpkin blues pizza

Why pizza? Because nobody gets tired of pizza. Why Rascal House? Because we have so many toppings, flavors, and items beyond pizza that nobody gets tired of Rascal House!

Kick the Pumpkin Blues goodbye! Share your pics on Twitter and Instagram using our hashtag #RascalHouse or post on our Facebook page!

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