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Pizza Croutons Once Again Prove Pizza’s Versatility, Superiority, and Deliciousness

pizza croutons

Although Rascal House has been rolling out the pizzas for over 36 years now, we are continually amazed at the delicious versatility of pizza. Even after hundreds of years, new pizza recipes and discoveries are made all the time. As our 36 years in the business have come to show, pizza seems to impossibly get better and better. I mean, really, what CAN’T it do???

Taste good hot OR cold? Room temperature? CHECK.

Be transformed into a totally new and exciting breakfast dish that is an equally delicious change of pace to the traditional leftover cold pizza breakfast slice? CHECK.

Become a crouton that can transform you traditional salad into a pizza-infused salad? CHECK!

If you have not yet had the pleasure of coming across the leftover pizza crouton recipe that has been floating around the internet then, you’re welcome.

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