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Picking The Perfect Wine For Your Pizza Just Got Super Easy!


Here’s a scenario: it’s a Friday night, you just ordered yourself a delectable Rascal House pizza, and your in the car driving home with the intention of cracking open the perfect bottle of wine to go with your delicious pizza. The only problem? You aren’t sure what the perfect bottle of wine is. That’s where VinePair a wine and pizza pairing app comes in so you don’t turn a Merlot into a Mer-nooooo while you’re wishing you opened up a Cabernet Sauvignon instead.

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We made a post a while back about picking the perfect wine for your pizza, so you can keep your options open on how you pair your meal. Which method do you like best? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram with our hashtag #RascalHouse or post on our Facebook page!

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