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National Sausage Pizza Day At Rascal House


You know something is good when a nation dedicates an entire day to it…

Yup, you read the title right, today is National Sausage Pizza Day! The best way to celebrate? At Rascal House, of course!

national sausage pizza day

Why Celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day at Rascal House?

Most pizza joints just have one plain old sausage pizza topping, but as you know, Rascal House is A Different Kind Of Pizza Place. We have so many other toppings, but since we’re talking about sausage today let’s discuss our not one but TWO different sausage offerings. You can choose our traditionally delicious Italian sausage OR our delectable, spicy, old-world sliced sausage.

No matter which way you decide to celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day… you can’t go wrong with Rascal House. Looking for something different? Try any of our pizzas or any other non pizza item from our vast menu!

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