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National Pizza Month Is Here!

Welcome to the month of October, or what us Rascals along with many other pizza enthusiasts like to call National Pizza Month!

While we often admire our nation for its dedication to democracy or its vast diversity, we often forget to admire America for its ability to come together and admire the world’s most delicious food!

Coming from an establishment that has dedicated itself to the ever-so-cheesy food in question, we must say that we whole-heartedly approve of National Pizza Month. In the spirit of pizza, we thought we’d give you a helping hand in how to celebrate October deliciously.

How to Celebrate National Pizza Month Right:

This is your National Pizza Month Flavor Road Map. We’ve broken it up into 12 different pizzas so all you have to do is choose which 12 days to celebrate this month. That is, if you don’t celebrate every day!

Day 1: The Super Deluxesuper-deluxe

Kick off your National Pizza Month celebration by going above and beyond! You’ll get a little taste of everything that will have you pumped up for your month-long pizza adventure!

Day 2: Pepperoni Extremepepperoni-extreme

Get Extreme on day two with this pizza by showing your love for the world’s favorite pizza topping!

Day 3: Chicken Primaveranational pizza month

Extraordinary is the name of the game today! We’re talking char-grilled chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, parmesan… yeah, on a pizza! Yum!

Day 4: Chicken Bacon Ranchchicken-bacon-ranch

Because you seriously can’t go wrong with chicken, bacon, and ranch on a pizza. WARNING: This pizza is a crowd favorite! We suggest ordering extra and pairing this pizza with a good football game and some great friends. It just feels right, you know?

Day 5: Pizza ala Greco08 el greco copy

The Pizza ala Greco will transport your tastebuds straight to the Mediterranean. You’ll get a delicious taste of Greece as you chow down on this white pizza topped with Kalamata olives, Feta, and Parmesan cheese!

Day 6: Veggie Supremevegsupreme

Get in a few extra servings of deliciousness on Day 6 with the Veggie Supreme. You can’t go wrong with a fresh cut medley of green peppers, onions, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, and black olives!

Day 7: Pizza Milano07 pizza milano copy

This one will bring out the flavor connoisseur in you! You’ll feel exotic with the Pizza Milano in front of you, as it features a thick and hearty tomato sauce, onions, Italian style sausage, green peppers, and the only cheese is a delicate garnish of Parmesan cheese.

Day 8: Texan BBQtexanbbq_pizza

Infuse a little taste of the Southwest into your life on Day 8 with the Texan BBQ pizza! You’ll get a pizza sauced with our own Hot and Spicy BBQ sauce, topped with char-grilled chicken strips, provolone, and sharp cheddar cheese.

Day 9: White Pizzawhite-pizza

Switch it up and loose the tomato sauce. Who doesn’t love a housemade garlic sauce, covered in provolone and feta cheese?

Day 10: Hawaiian LuauHawaiian+Luau

Right about now the weather is probably making you wish you were somewhere much closer to the equator. No time to hop on a plane? Crank up the thermostat, order the Hawaiian Luau and we’ll just pretend.

Day 11: Meat Lover’sMeat+Lovers

Do we even need to justify this one? Fine. Four words: Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage, Ham. Yeah.

Day 12: Rascal House Deluxehousedeluxenew

Go classic on Day 12 with everyone’s favorite! Aged pepperoni, sliced mushrooms, green peppers, red onion, Italian sausage, pure provolone… What’s not to love?

What do all 12 days have in common? They’re all amazingly tasty pizzas only available at Rascal House! Just remember, it doesn’t have to be October to celebrate pizza.

Order here when you’re ready to start!

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