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Miracle On 21st Street

Written by Gary Grayshaw

tbt old rascalhouse

“There’s a common comment (complaint?) about the lack of effort and concern for the CSU community, usually on the part of students and others who don’t or won’t try to change the situation here.

Well folks, unless you have been sleeping for the last year or two, you have certainly noticed the change that has taken place on the corner of East 21st and Euclid.

Yep, that’s right— The Rascal House. Those who have been at CSU for a few years will remember that a Dairy Queen used to occupy the space on that corner. It was barely adequate in supplying an alternative lunch spot to those who didn’t want to brave the cafeteria food. But a change occurred. Not only within the building itself, which was remodeled and improved, but more importantly within the management of the facility.

A shining example of what a little effort and some dedication to the CSU area can means now thriving across the street from the University Center.

Mike Frangos and the entire management team of Rascal House  deserve a long overdue and sincere thank you for the outstanding turnaround of their business and, more importantly, their contributions to Cleveland State University and the entire Cleveland community. They have taken the initiative to invest in building the business, and the University in both dedicated effort and outstanding support.

Think about what was across the street before— almost nothing. Rascal House has been successful in itself and has spurred others to make the effort and to invest in the University community too. Campus Pizzeria moved to Euclid Avenue, Bogies Coffee House opened, the old Daryl’s has been modeled and opened as the University Deli (note the name “University”.)


“Rascal House has become more than simply a lunch alternative.

It is, as they proudly proclaim, the total entertainment center.

Mike Frangos has changed Rascal House from a video game

stopoff to a regular meeting place with instant name recognition

and appeal to all the people.”


Recognizing that the University is as much a part of him as he is now a part of the University, Mr. Frangos has taken an unprecedented step in commitment by instituting a series of gifts to the University. Most notable of these is the payment if a quarter’s tuition for students that is awarded in a totally unbiased manner and any student can have the opportunity to win.

Mike Frangos has shown us all that concern and the willingness to be involved can yield great success. Thanks Mike.”

We want to wish you a safe and happy holiday, from our Rascal family to yours!


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