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Man Released From Wrongful 29 Year Conviction Has Rascal House As First Meal


from clevescene.com article by Vince Grzegorek

ray towler

“Ray Towler was released this week after spending 29 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit. DNA testing proved Towler’s innocence.

In addition to approximately $1.4 million he’s expected to get from the state, plus lost wages, for the wrongful imprisonment and butchered trial, Towler is raking in some deserved swag. He got some fine free pizza from Rascal House as his first meal, a LeBron jersey, and a surprise from the Cavs.

‘This is the greatest day of my life, and it’s pure joy; I have no hate for anyone,’ said the 52-year-old Cleveland native in a phone interview yesterday. ‘I suppose hoping to see LeBron play in person is too much to ask, but at least I can watch the games from outside the barbed wire. I get to start a new life, and the Cavs are going to win the championship. It doesn’t get much better than that.'”

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