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The second Rascal House pizza shop in Euclid, Ohio has been open for nearly two months, and the people of euclid are really taking advantage of the taste that made Rascal House “Cleveland’s Best”.

Collin Khalif, store manager of the Euclid location was pleasantly surprised by the response. “I know the quality f our pizza and how much it is enjoyed in Downtown Cleveland, but the speed that the people of Euclid have embraced us took us by surprise our opening weekend.

Anyone who has tried to make pizza at home knows that it rarely tastes the same as the pizza you get from a pizza shop. So this reporter asked Khalif what makes Rascal House so unique. “I think what makes Rascal House so much better than other products is the fact that all of our dough and sauces are hand made fresh every single day using pure olive oil.” Khalif explained, “plus we constantly review our suppliers to find the finest ingredients money can buy.” Another factor that makes Rascal House unique is the cheese. “We use only the finest domestic hickory smoked Provolone cheese, it has a much smoother flavor, and out customers comment that it’s not nearly as greasy.”

Plus, each Rascal House pizza is custom baked to order to insure the highest quality. Visitors to Rascal House note the hustle and bustle of the staff and how much it resembles an assembly line. 

The Euclid location employs 27 people in positions ranging from pizza cooks, customer service personnel to delivery drivers, so there is always a flurry of activity in store. According to Khalif, there are still positions available. “Right now, we are still looking for qualified people to join our team. We are continuing to open new franchise restaurants throughout Cleveland and will need experienced staff to help us open these stores.

Since coming to Euclid in mid-April, Rascal House has also embraced its neighbors. Rascal House has participated in the Annual Euclid Memorial Day Weekend Soccer Tournament, Euclid Boys Youth Baseball, Euclid Central Middle School activities and much more. Khalif ended out interview explaining that, “We, Rascal House, feel that we have a responsibility to become active in the communities we serve.”

Having seen Rascal House from the inside, it is this reporter’s opinion that “Euclid’s Best Pizza” comes from Rascal House.

PS: Serving Suggestion: Rascal House… “best when shared with friends.”

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